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Director’s Messages from 2024


By Joshua Gordon on

In his final Director's message, Dr. Gordon reflects on his time at NIMH.

Excellent to the “Core”: World Class Neuroimaging at NIMH

Peter Bandettini, Ph.D., Chief of the Section on Functional Imaging Methods and Director of the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Facility, on behalf of the NIMH Intramural Research Program on 75th Anniversary

The NIMH Intramural Research program has been a world leader in developing and implementing advanced brain imaging technology that has allowed us to delve into the complex circuitry of the human brain. Learn more about their role in developing, implementing, and supporting the use of imaging technology in this guest-written Director’s Message.

The Importance of Lived Experience Perspectives – Insights From the IACC

Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., and Susan Daniels, Ph.D., HHS National Autism Coordinator and Director of the NIMH Office of National Autism Coordination on

In honor of National Autism Acceptance Month, this Director's Message highlights the important role that autistic people and their families play in helping to shape federal autism research, services, and policy via the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee.

Decoding the Mind: Basic Science Revolutionizes Treatment of Mental Illnesses

By Linda Brady, Margaret Grabb, Susan Koester, Yael Mandelblat-Cerf, David Panchision, Jonathan Pevsner, Ashlee Van’t-Veer, and Aleksandra Vicentic on behalf of the NIMH Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science on 75th Anniversary

In this Director’s Message guest authored by the Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science, learn about NIMH's investments in basic neuroscience, genetics, and behavioral research that have helped improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses.

From Breakthroughs to Best Practices: How NIMH Transforms Research Into Real-World Care

Patricia Arean, Susan Azrin, Michael Freed, Adam Haim, Jennifer Humensky, Stephen O’Connor, Jane Pearson, Mary Rooney, Matthew Rudorfer, Joel Sherrill, and Belinda Sims, on behalf of the Division of Services and Intervention Research.  on 75th Anniversary

In this guest-written Director’s message, the Division of Services and Intervention Research (DSIR) describes notable successes in bridging the gap between basic and clinical science and impacting real-world public health practices and policies.

Inspiring, Training, and Supporting the Next Generation of Researchers

NIMH Training Team on 75th Anniversary

NIMH plays a pivotal role in training the next generation of researchers. The institute's Training Team leads these efforts through research, training, and career development opportunities that support hundreds of new and established researchers each year across the country and worldwide.