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Messages about Suicide


By Joshua Gordon on

In his final Director's message, Dr. Gordon reflects on his time at NIMH.

From Breakthroughs to Best Practices: How NIMH Transforms Research Into Real-World Care

Patricia Arean, Susan Azrin, Michael Freed, Adam Haim, Jennifer Humensky, Stephen O’Connor, Jane Pearson, Mary Rooney, Matthew Rudorfer, Joel Sherrill, and Belinda Sims, on behalf of the Division of Services and Intervention Research.  on 75th Anniversary

In this guest-written Director’s message, the Division of Services and Intervention Research (DSIR) describes notable successes in bridging the gap between basic and clinical science and impacting real-world public health practices and policies.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

By Joshua Gordon on

In this Director’s Message, Dr. Gordon reflects on some exciting NIMH-supported developments from the past year.

Suicide Prevention Research in a Rapidly Changing World

By Joshua Gordon on

In this Director’s message, Dr. Gordon discusses what we have learned about suicide risk and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic and how NIMH has been building upon these findings to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Supporting Kids’ Mental Health During COVID-19

By Guest Author on

In this jointly written Director’s Message, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Rachel L. Levine, HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, describe the mental health impacts of the COVID pandemic on children and what we can do to support kids during this difficult time.

One Year In: COVID-19 and Mental Health

By Joshua Gordon on

In this message, Dr. Gordon highlights what we know about Americans’ mental health after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the Crisis of Black Youth Suicide

By Joshua Gordon on

In this message for National Suicide Prevention Month, Dr. Gordon describes NIMH’s efforts to address the rising rates of suicide in the U.S. among Black youth.

Suicide Deaths Are a Major Component of the Opioid Crisis that Must Be Addressed

By Joshua Gordon, Nora Volkow on

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. In observance, Dr. Gordon has partnered with Dr. Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), to highlight a dimension of the opioid crisis that receives too little attention—the links between opioid use, opioid use disorder, and suicide.

Mental Health Research—Diversity Matters

By Joshua Gordon on

In recognition of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Gordon highlights efforts within the NIMH research portfolio to address disparities in mental health and access to care.

How Aware Are We, Really, About Mental Illness?

By Joshua Gordon on

In a message on the importance of mental health awareness, Dr. Gordon recounts how he came to be aware of the personal impact of mental illnesses.

Suicide Prevention: Next Steps

By Joshua Gordon on

September is National Suicide Prevention month; focusing on the benefits of collaborations, Dr. Gordon outlines recent research results as well as future directions.

The Push for Suicide Prevention

By Joshua Gordon on

The Push for Suicide Prevention