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Attention Deficit, Disruptive Behaviors, and Disorders of Behavioral Dysregulation


This program supports research on ADHD, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and other disruptive or repetitive behaviors (e.g. Tourette syndrome). A primary emphasis of this program are studies which recognize heterogeneity within traditional clinical disorders and aim to identify predictive and stable biotypes using an RDoC research framework that links behavioral patterns and clinical symptoms to functional domains, neural circuits and physiological processes. Studies which explore the interaction of multiple functional domains or circuits are welcome (e.g., studies examining the interplay of cognitive control, reward processes, and/or emotion regulation). Of interest are studies that examine the developmental course of, periods of vulnerability or sensitivity for, or risk processes related to the onset, progression, recurrence, and remission of these disorders and their relevant components. Of particular interest are studies that link brain development with behavioral development, studies that identify biomarkers for disease progression, and studies that test integrative models incorporating biological, behavioral, and environmental/experiential factors.


Jenni Pacheco, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager
6001 Executive Blvd, MSC 9617