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PET Imaging Evaluating Novel Inflammatory Biomarkers

Join a Research Study: Enrolling locally from the Washington, D.C. metro region

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 301-402-6142 [TTY: 711].

Inflammation can play a role in diseases. Researchers are using whole-body positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to measure and detect the biomarkers of inflammation.  PET imaging helps to visualize the biochemical changes taking place in the body. In this study there are two whole body PET scans, one without and one with a dose of a new drug to test if it better detects inflammation.

You may be eligible to participate in this outpatient study if you:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have Rheumatoid arthritis, Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis, Inclusion body myositis, other types of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

Participation includes:

  • Physical examination, medical history, EKG, and blood tests
  • Brain Imaging: PET scans and an MRI (for all, except those with RA)
  • Intravenous (IV) and/or arterial lines to inject an investigational drug and take blood
  • An investigational new drug (a PET radiotracer)
  • An oral dose of celecoxib (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID)
  • One to four visits

This outpatient study is conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Compensation is provided for research participation. Travel costs are covered. Contact us for more information.

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 301-402-6142 [TTY: 711].

Study Identifiers

  • NIMH Protocol Number: 19-M-0079
  • Study Number: 03912428 

Investigator(s): Robert Innis, M.D., Ph.D.