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Still Depressed? NIH Research Study is Testing a New Antidepressant

Join a Research Study: Enrolling nationally from around the country

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 1-877-646-3644 (1-877-MIND-NIH) [TTY: 711].

Antidepressant drugs can take weeks or months to work. They also do not work in up to 30% of people with depression. Researchers are studying new treatments. This research study is testing an experimental drug, TS-161, to see if it helps improve depression symptoms.

If you are:

  • Currently depressed even after trying antidepressants
  • Between 18-65 years old
  • Otherwise healthy

then you may be able to participate.

Participants will take a placebo for three weeks, and then take the study drug for three weeks, or vice versa. Neither you nor the researchers will know which one you are taking.

The study also includes:

  • Brain scans
  • Blood draws
  • Psychological evaluations
  • If necessary, carefully stopping your current medications

Participation will include an inpatient stay and may also include outpatient visits and/or telehealth services. The entire study will last 12 to 16 weeks. Compensation up to $2,210 is provided. The study takes place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. We will work with you to make travel arrangements. We will pay for your travel costs, and arrangements vary by distance and circumstance.

To find out if you qualify visit: .

Link to research study team

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 1-877-646-3644 (1-877-MIND-NIH) [TTY: 711].

Study Identifiers

  • NIMH Protocol Number: 000101
  • Study Number: 04821271 

Investigator(s): Carlos Zarate Jr, M.D.