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Help Us Understand Sleep Patterns in Young Children, ages 3 to 6

Join a Research Study: Enrolling locally from the Washington, D.C. metro region

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 1-301-480-7127 [TTY: 711].

Many parents have questions about what sleep should look like in childhood. Common concerns include how to know if their child is getting enough sleep or if their sleep schedule makes sense for their age and activity level. Some parents may also have concerns about the way their child sleeps, especially if their child has developmental delays or behavioral challenges.  

Researchers are creating a sleep library to catalog differences in sleep patterns. We believe gathering information on sleep in childhood may provide clues as to why some children develop behavioral or mental health problems as they grow. 

This research study is enrolling healthy children, ages 3 to 6, with or without developmental delays and/or behavioral challenges. Study visits may include a neurodevelopmental assessment, EEG, sleep study, and other procedures, and one overnight stay every 9-12 months (3 or 4 visits over 2 years).  

The study is conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Transportation may be provided. No cost to participate, compensation up to $640 provided.  

First steps to participate include calling NIMH, learning study details, asking about eligibility, and consenting to participate.

To find out if you qualify, email the study team ( or call 1-301-480-7127 [TTY: 711].

Study Identifiers

  • NIMH Protocol Number: 20-M-0166
  • Study Number: 04639830