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Noninvasive Neuromodulation Unit (NNU) Noninvasive Neuromodulation Unit (NNU)


Eudora Jones

Eudora Jones, DNP - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Eudora Jones is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Stevenson University and her Master of Science in nursing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dr. Jones also received her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Chatham University. In addition, she received a Master of Science in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Jones’ previous scientific endeavors have focused on the biological science aspects of research within the areas of molecular biology, immunology, and structural genomics. She has also utilized evidence-based practice principles to achieve performance improvement outcomes. Dr. Jones serves as an investigator for a majority of the neuromodulation research protocols. Her research interests include safety, quality improvement, and individualized aspects of TMS and ECT.