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Noninvasive Neuromodulation Unit (NNU) Noninvasive Neuromodulation Unit (NNU)

Zhi-De Deng, Ph.D.

Zhi-De Deng, PhD

Staff Scientist

Dr. Zhi-De Deng is a Staff Scientist and the Director of the Computational Neurostimulation Research Program at the Noninvasive Neuromodulation Unit

Dr. Zhi-De Deng is also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Duke University School of Medicine. He received the S.B. degree in physics, S.B. and MEng. in electrical engineering and computer science, from MIT. He received his Ph.D. and MPhil in electrical engineering from Columbia University. His research focuses on computational approaches: 1) to understand the physics and biophysics of neurostimulation, 2) to optimize dosing and individualization, and 3) to advance noninvasive brain stimulation technology development via model-informed design. Dr. Deng’s work on electric field modeling of transcranial magnetic stimulation is widely cited and provided evidence that informed regulatory clearance of TMS therapeutic systems. He has received a career development award from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences and a NARSAD Young Investigator Award to develop the next generation seizure therapy. His vision is to transform psychiatry through engineering innovation.

Selected Publications

Electroconvulsive therapy, electric field, neuroplasticity, and clinical outcomes. Deng, Z-D, Argyelan, M, Miller, J, Quinn, D, Lloyd, M, Jones, TR, Upston, J, Erhardt, E, McClintock, SM, and Abbott, CC. 2022. Molecular Psychiatry. PMCID: PMC9095458

Ictal theta power as an electroconvulsive therapy safety biomarker: a pilot study. Miller, J, Jones, T, Upston, J, Deng, Z-D, McClintock, SM, Ryman, S, Quinn, D, and Abbott, CC. 2022. The Journal of ECT. PMID: 35613008

Device-based modulation of neurocircuits as a therapeutic for psychiatric disorders. Deng, Z-D, Luber, B, Balderston, NL, Velez Afanador, M, Noh, MM, Thomas, J, Altekruse, WC, Exley, SL, Awasthi, S, and Lisanby, SH. 2020. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. PMCID: PMC8100981

A generalized method for conducting electric-field optimized, fMRI-guided, transcranial magnetic stimulation. Balderston, NL, Roberts, C, Beydler, EM, Deng, Z-D, Radman, T, Luber, B, Lisanby, SH, Ernst, M, and Grillon, C. 2020. Nature Protocols. PMCID: PMC8123368

Electric field modeling for transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy. Deng, Z-D, Liston, C, Gunning, FM, Dubin, MJ, Friðgeirsson, EA, Lilien, J, van Wingen, GA, and van Waarde, JA. 2019. in Brain and Human Body Modeling: Computational Human Modeling at EMBC 2018, Makarov, SN, Horner, M, and Noetscher, GM. Eds. Switzerland: Springer Nature. 2019, ch. 4. PMID: 31725245

Electric field strength and focality of electroconvulsive therapy and magnetic seizure therapy: a finite element simulation study. Deng, Z-D, Lisanby, SH, and Peterchev, AV. 2011. Journal of Neural Engineering. PMCID: PMC3903509