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Transforming the understanding
and treatment of mental illnesses.

Laboratory of Brain and Cognition Laboratory of Brain and Cognition (LBC)

Study Volunteers

Study Volunteers Needed for NIMH/LBC Cognitive Studies:

The Laboratory of Brain and Cognition, NIMH, is recruiting research volunteers for cognitive and brain imaging studies of learning, memory, and attention. Subjects should be healthy, have good vision, and be between the ages of 18-65. Subjects will be compensated for participation. Studies occur throughout the year.

For specific LBC Study information contact:


Kelsey Holiday | | 301-435-4945
Zaid Safiullah | | 301-402-7470

Cognitive Neuropsychology

Shawn Milleville | | 301-435-4943
Mark Plitt | | 301-402-4419

Functional Imaging Methods

Laura Buchanan | | 301-451-9582
Benjamin Gutierrez | | 301-402-6351

Learning and Plasticity

Marcie King | | 301-402-7511
Aaron Trefler | | 301-402-4798

Normal Volunteer Inquiries

Zaid Safiullah | | 301-402-7470

Protocol Inquiries

Dr. Shruti Japee | | 301-451-8867

For further information about healthy volunteer and patient studies at NIH, see “Participating in NIH Research”. For a list of NIH clinical research studies, see “Search the Studies”.