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Introduction to MatOFF

Software and Hardware for Neurophysiology


MatOFF is an interactive analysis program that searches neurophysiological data and plots the results. MatOFF was developed especially for dealing with the complexities common to behavioral neurophysiological experiments. It runs under Windows 2000, XP and 7, and relies on MATLAB version R11.1 (or above) for all operations.

MatOFF searches a data file to locate and plot epochs (trials) of special interest to the investigator. Appropriate input data files have time-stamped event codes, usually including neuron action potential firing events (spikes), and digitized analog data. The user specifies a list of event code numbers that uniquely identify a sequence of events.

MatOFF uses this sequence to search the raw data file, select the epochs that meet the criteria, time-shift the trials to align them on a common event, order the epochs based on user-selected criteria, and plot the results based on a collection of page formatting specifications. MatOFF will also save extracted data and some statistics to disk.


  • Powerful, interactive searching tools for locating relevant experimental events
  • Compatible with Cortex data acquisition program
  • Compatible with Plexon  data acquisition system
  • Flexible, publication-quality graphical display and printing
  • Comprehensive scripting language
  • Supports learning and other dynamic behavior
  • Integrated interface to MATLAB functions
  • Automatic alignment of trial data and generation of histograms
  • Large variety of options for selecting and ordering trial data
  • Descriptive and non-parametric statistics
  • XY analog displays
  • Data export with flexible format control
  • Up to 72 plots per page
  • Display templates can be saved and reloaded
  • Free for public or private use
  • Adaptable to almost any data file format