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MatOff Download Information

Current Stable Version

Version 0.76  4 April 2014


mplx2ctx: mplx2ctx now supports .PLX files created by Tucker Davis Technology (TDT) systems.

Download Problems

MatOFF is a small program (under 400 Kbytes as a PkZip file). The downloads here includes some example files, which make the overall size about 2.5 Mbytes. Please send an email to the webmaster if you need help obtaining MatOFF.

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Download Earlier Versions

 Version 0.76  4 April 2014
Version 0.75 
3 August 2012
Version 0.74  7 September 2009
Version 0.71  1 October 2007
Version 0.61  24 August 2006
Version 0.60a  13 April 2006
Version 0.60  30 March 2006
Version 0.51 beta4  23 December 2004

Download Latest Development Version. This is the Recommended Version

Version 0.77  20 May 2014


mplx2ctx: mplx2ctx now uses latest version of Plexon SDK. Only .PLX files are supported.