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Programmer Notes for MatOFF

Adding New Layout Items to Menus

When adding new layout items to the GUI, a number of changes must be made for these items to be stored and recalled by the Layout command.

In layout_handles.m
Create a handle for the new items

In set_layout
Add lines to store layout items

In get_layout
Add lines to recall the items

In parse_command
Add protocol commands to control the items

In save_file
Update the "layout" section to generate proper protocol commands

Delete all existing copies of koflay.dat and koflay_default.dat

Adding new environmental variables

In matoff.m
Add new variable name and default value as environment.<variable name>.
Add a new set(findobj('tag',.... line to initialize the environment menu

In setenv.m
Add entry for new variable. Use all caps in the findstr() commands.
Add new variable to environment_menu.m

Update help_request.m
Update environmental_variables.html
Update commands.html#Setenv